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Oakley Skibrille FLIGHT DECK XM OO7064 706424
Monturas, incluidas las lentes 204,90€
Solo quedan unos pocos Tiempo estimado de entrega: 12 - 14 días
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    '''The perfect pair of ski glasses for all fashion-loving athletes For you it is this Winter finally again off on the runway? The outfit for the sport and the outfit for afterwards is already in place? Then all you need now is fitting ski glasses, so you can make a great figure on skis and snowboard and look great at the same time. Fortunately, the label Oakley has the right ski glasses for every winter sport and every style on offer. And we''''ve made it available in the online shop for you - super, isn''''t it? Thanks to the large glass front you always have the perfect view on the piste. The lenses increase the contrast and improve your visibility in bright snow, so you can concentrate on what''''s important: the sport fun. The wide, elastic headband fastens your glasses securely in place, so that even on dynamic descents nothing can slip on steep slopes. With this variation from Oakley the band is white . Accents are set by black circles and a dark inside. The lens of your new ski glasses has rich colors like red and purple. With this ski glasses the winter can come!'''
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